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Some of the Christmas trees on show at the Methodist Church during the Christmas Market.
CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Debt Counselling

A Nettleham branch of the UK wide CAP Debt Counselling service has been set up in Nettleham.

"If you think there is no way out of your money problems we will offer you a solution that really works. If you are struggling with debt then there is hope. We can help you."

Tucked away in a leafy corner of Welton Village is one of the best artificial modern FA Approved 3G AGP football pitch facilities in Lincolnshire, which inspired ......... read more

Could you write a review or report for this website?

Hello to all visitors to this website. Many thanks to Jim Smith for his views of Nettleham in the banner above. Can you do better? We would like photos of the community, activities, things going on. Please make sure you have the permission of anyone in the photos.

I am looking for someone to write a report on it and to provide some photos. It can be in any Word, Text or other electronic format.I can arrange it and post it to the website. This is open to all young and old, you do not have to make it professional, just interesting.

Please send to:


I would also accept any reports, photos or reviews from any event associated with Nettleham for some dynamic up to date pages. These will be written by you, the villagers, for the village and other readers. We get readers from all over the world so your efforts will be golbally appreciated.

Nettleham village is three miles north of the cathedral city of Lincoln in the East Midlands region of the U.K.
Nettleham is nestled in a cleft in hills on top of the Lincoln Edge. There have been settlements here since the bronze age. Nettleham literally means 'place of nettles'. Nettles grow where there is a presence of concentrated phosphates indicating human settlement. The probable reason for settlements here is the shallow beck flowing through it which is colonised by well fed ducks. Local folklore says the until you have fallen into the
beck you are not a true Nettlehamite.
The village centre is made up of cottages built in the local limestone.
A village green is the focus. Two large Horse Chestnut trees provide shade in the summer. A monument to the heroes of 2 world wars is flanked by 2 pubs and the Co-Op. The Co-op provides the local food and domestic products. Local businesses include hair dressers, opthalmic optician, newspaper shops, general store, numerous hair dressers and the best Fish and Chip Shop around - we even still have a Post Office.
Two schools, Nettlaham Cof E (aided) Junior School
and Nettleham Infants School, provide education for the local community and beyond.
For a small sleepy olde worlde village Nettleham is home to some high technology businesses - such as Semiconductor Test, Microwave Component suppliers development.
The Bishops Palace has just been developed as a village feature. One access is through a gate beside the Methodist Church. It is a ruin where the King of England resided during his visits to Lincoln. Lincoln at one time was the capital city of England. It was at this palace that he determined the eldest sons of the monarchy would have the title 'Prince of Wales'.
Four pubs,
The Black Horse, Plough, White Hart, Brown Cow and and two churches, All Saints - Anglican and Nettleham Methodist (NMC), and - oh yes - a tea shop on the green, form the social hub of the village.
If you like walking and would like details of walking in the area try
Walking in LincolnshireMore than 150 FREE Lincolnshire walks to download, details of all the books, maps and walking groups in the county

Nettlehan, Lincoln United Kingdom
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